Touch2bet Casino is one of the earliest operator that introduce mobile casino apps back in year 2013. Their European style gaming platforms are powered by XPG (X Pro Gaming), a professional online gaming team that founded in 2005 specializing in the online gaming industry. Their strong partnership over these years has made Touch2bet Casino recognized as a top of the line live casino provider.

Touch2bet Casino offers wide range of casino games such as, Roulette, Baccarat, Black Jack, Dragon Tiger, Sic Bo, Casino Holdem & live multiplayer Poker tournament broadcasts live from our European based Casinos. Creativity and continual innovation of casino games are the basis that uphold their reputation. Touch2bet Casino team have been busy dedicating full attention to improve quality of service for their customers. Touch2bet casino studio is managed and operated by seasoned pit bosses, casino managers and experienced dealers who have worked at some of Europe’s finest land based casinos. Together, they bring over 200 years of combined knowledge and skills to the broadcast casino gaming environment, adding to the authenticity of a players’ experience.

Many people view gambling as a fun and harmless way to spend some leisure time and escape the monotony of everyday life. However, there are some, a small minority, for whom gambling has become troublesome. Compulsive and addicted gamblers have tarnished the positive image and good name of fair online and land-based gaming. Like their land-based counterparts, the staff at Touch2Bet Casino received training to spot and identify the signs of problem gambling in its players. Touch2bet Casino aim to provide a comfortable and polite gaming environment but at the same time, also help people needing our assistance. Touch2Bet Casino believes being socially conscientious and compliant to the wishes of our good-intentioned players can be simultaneously achieved.

C9BET proud to present you one of the mobile casino apps pioneer that uses cutting edge methods to provide comfortable and secure online casino gaming.